Just trying to waste some time here !


My husband’s work requires an early start which is why he tries to go to bed before 10pm. And because I am so used to going to bed with him, I never questioned whether or not I should go to bed before 10pm as well. It took me a year to realise that this is no good to me. I have a hard time falling asleep, cannot sleep through the night and am knackered in the morning – no matter what time I manage to get out of bed.

I mentioned before that my husband was away to Finland for 3 weeks and that I had my friends over. Like most girls we had so much to talk about and I hardly made it to bed before 11pm. I still got up at ca 5.30-6am in the morning and never felt so well rested. Evil to him who evil thinks, the improvement in my sleep does not stem from a subconscious desire to be without my hubby. It comes from the fact that my inner clock is not set for an early night. In fact, I wrote most of my papers at uni between 8pm and 1am. It used to be my most creative and most productive time of the day.

After my husband returned, I immediately went back to going to bed before 10pm and I immediately experienced difficulty sleeping. This is why I now force myself to stay awake at least 30min-1hour longer than he does. I take babysteps and hope to establish a routine of going to bed at around 11pm.

Funnily enough I cannot just stay awake, I have to keep my mind occupied and watching TV is not the right way to do this. I try journalling, knitting, listening to audiobooks or reading books. Hopefully, I will reach the point when I can go back to writing in the evening but I am not there yet.

Tonight while attempting to write something of importance in my journal (well are journal entries ever important?), I looked up and through my window. The firs outside looked amazing set against a marine blue evening sky. I tried to catch it with my camera but failed miserably. So I ended up playing around with it and its various filters and these pictures are the result of someone trying to waste some time. Not that great but I thought I share them anyways.

Good night and good look!



PS: Turns out my dogs need to get used to the new routine as well. My SD card fell on the floor and when I moved my chair to get to it, I was so loud that my terrier woke up thinking I was an intruder. She started barking straight away waking my hubby up. Poor souls!


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