Lazy Sunday

I am, at this moment, sitting on my bed surrounded by my doggies while my bestie is sleeping next door. The weather hasn’t been kind to us ever since L. arrived but we managed to go hacking this morning nevertheless. Weather forecast promised a dry morning, so we had an early start and went up the hill and across the heather for a nice and most importantly dry hack. We are planning 20-30k tomorrow and 40k on Tuesday should the weather forecast remain promising. Due to our early start we skipped breakfast and had a proper (well vegetarian) full Scottish breakfast at 11.30am. This heavy breakfast and the rainy weather (the rain was on time and started at 11am) were the perfect excuse for a lazy Sunday. We spent some time on the sofa knitting while watching a Runrig concert on dvd (The Year of the Flood – very fitting). We chatted, knitted and drank barley coffee lattes. Now everyone with the exception of myself is sleeping. It is not that I wouldn’t love sleeping through a grey, rainy Sunday like today, I simply can’t without suffering all kinds of side effects. I am not made for a nap. So, I thought I upload the pics from Kailzie Garden that I forgot to upload on the day we visited although I blogged about it. So here they are. Happy lazy Sunday.



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