Highlands Interlude

As mentioned before, our camping plans were crushed by a bad weather forecast. However, one of the days was supposed to be sunny and warm, so we decided to get up early, pack the dogs and drive up to Perthshire to get a wisp of the Scottish Highlands. We went to Dunkeld, a nice wee town which is like so many places in Scotland famous for a defeat. The scope of the Battle of Dunkeld 1689 between the Jacobites, who had just won the even more famous Battle at Killiecrankie just a few miles north from Dunkeld where they had lost their leader Bonnie Dundee (who is not hearing The Corries’ Killiecrankie in their head right now? Anyone?), and the supporters of William of Orange is still not fully understood but research and excavations at the site are ongoing. The town is also famous for one of the oldest, if not the oldest Scottish visitor attraction in Scotland, the Hermitage. A former pleasureground of the Dukes of Atholl (forth fortune and fill the fetters!), it opened to the public ca 200 years ago. After Dunkeld, we drove to the north end of Loch Tay but the best bit of the trip happened when we left the main road and opted to get from Loch Tay to Crieff on a B road. Barely making the ascend on the winding road (not due to a lack of horse power it was simply too steep for more than 2nd gear), once we reached the top the landscape opened up to us and we’ve got the highland scenery we came for. The last stop before we drove back south was at a little village church to see a celtic stone.  If you are interested in going to the highlands, I highly recommend spring or autumn. The region is massively overrun in the summer and if you are anything like me then you’re searching for some quiet when going to a region like this. So prepare for crappy weather (which btw occurs in summer as well) and avoid the main season. Enjoy!



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