Edinburgh Mon Amour

Our plans to go tenting on Saturday were spoilt by a forecast for torrential rain. So we went to Edinburgh instead. No matter how the weather is supposed to be, Edinburgh never disappoints. Edinburgh is where I fell in love with Scotland. We went to my two favourite places – places I’ll never tire to visit – The National Museum and The National Gallery. In addition, we went to Burntsfield in between to check out Falko, a German Konditorei. Although we were highly disappointed by the lack of crust on the bread and utterly shocked by the prices, it was still worth a visit (I mean I got Löwensenf there which is produced in my hometown, so it was definitely worth it). Here are some of the pictures I took:

Edinburgh – always pretty, even on a rainy day and yes I love cemeteries.

The National Museum – where everyone turns into a child at awe and yes I am a sucker for grandfather clocks.


The National Gallery: I could live in this place. They have so many beautiful women in there, my favourite is Lady Agnew by Singer Sargent. Unfortunately, the downstairs rooms are closed at the moment.



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  1. Megan says:

    What a fantastic trip. Love the National Gallery, especially that painting of Daniel Macnee’s A Lady in Grey. Happy Monday! Cheers, m.

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    1. Debra says:

      Yes it was nice. It is such a lovely place. The women in the gallery are soooo beautiful. There used to be another one which unfortunately was a loan and isn’t there anymore. I am so busy doing trips with my friend that I hardly find the time to blog about them. I still need to upload the Kailzie Garden pics and the one from our trip to the Highlands. Today is Floors Castle, a William Adams building. Cheers Debby

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    2. Debra says:

      sophia ‘daisy’ grant was the one. think it is in a national trust building somewhere. have to research this


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