Grateful Thursday 13.7.17


I am grateful for good friends, nice weather and blaeberries!

With my hubby away I have two friends staying with me after each other and this means a full programme of exciting things to do and see.

Today we visited Kailzie Gardens (will upload pic tomorrow) and walked up Minch Moor – a 10k hike to the top of Minch Moor (567m high).

It was a wonderful hike in superb weather. We passed an amazing landscape sculpture at Resolution Point, left some kibble at the Cheese Well (walkers have to leave something – usually cheese – for the fairies at the well and being a crazy dog lady I only had kibble to offer) and turned into cavewomen hunteresses 😉 by picking blaeberries (seriously it is hard to stop – my fingers were a pretty purple).

All the while having all those weird conversations about life that you can only have with good friends.

Our blaeberry madness led to a short confusion and fear that we got lost in the woods but we found our way back to the car eventually. On top of the summit we had a 360 degree view and could even see the famous Eildon Hills near Melrose 17 miles away.

I am also grateful that my old man is still around. It’s his birthday today.


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