Grateful Thursday 29.6.17 aka Finally!

Today, I am grateful for what is happening tomorrow!

I don’t know if it even made it into international news but tomorrow the German parliament is going to vote on the introduction of “Ehe für Alle” (marriage for all).

After spending years with her head up her arse, the head of state finally decided not to block a vote on the matter, which would mean equal marriage and adoption rights for everybody. So, what made Angela Merkel change her mind? According to one source, she was invited by a lesbian couple who fosters several children and after seeing how good the children’s life was, she decided that she can no longer uphold her main argument that same-sex-marriage is not in the interest of children.

Although, I salute her for being able to publicly change her mind and for being open enough to let people change her mind, she is still not getting my vote in September.

Shame upon me, who thinks evil of it but I cannot stop wondering if the allows this vote now, so that the other big party, the SPD, cannot use it for their election campaign. It would be a crowd-pleaser!

Still, the fact that the parliament is finally voting on this long overdue change in law (the Greens have submitted requests to hold a vote ca 21x before and were always blocked at the start), made my week. It was one of the things I was most ashamed of. How a country like Germany could be lagging behind on an issue like same-sex-marriage (have to say I prefer the German name as I think “Marriage for all” is much more inclusive) was beyond my comprehension. The Protestant Church in Germany decided on the matter years ago and the only reason they couldn’t marry same-sex couples was the fact that it would not have been legally binding; since Napoleon civil marriage is the only legally binding form of marriage.

It is said to be a done deal, now that the three-line whip was revoked and a free vote according to everyone’s conscience or belief allowed. If we have learnt one thing from the last year is never to trust forecasts again. Still, while there’s life, there’s hope, right? Even the arguments arising that the constitution needs to be changes to allow marriage for all, which a lot of law experts think is utter BS and just a last desperate attempt from hardliners to block the vote, cannot diminish my joy. Good news for once and I am grateful for it.


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  1. Megan says:

    Great post 🙂 I’m also happy that the German government also decided to compensate the gay men who had been persecuted under the anti-homosexuality laws (although I can’t believe the law was not formally rescinded until 1994). What’s up with SPD? Schultz seemed poised to overtake Merkel at first, but now the party is really floundering at the polls. Oh, I read the Morning Gift on Saturday night. OMG it’s good, but half way through it, I was seriously dying for a piece of Gugelhupf.

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    1. Debra says:

      I usually grave Kakao when reading the book. The analyst always drinks it with skin on it. Although I don’t like skin on my cocoa, I do love the skin on my chocolate pudding, it grosses my hubby out but I am only human. I almost got my entire knowledge about Freud from this book and it helped me through my “The Double in American Lit” course and a course on trauma. You have to check out the other novels as well. Yeah, dunno why the SPD is screwing it up but then again has any poll been correct recently? Not an SPD voter either but they are definitely closer to my belief system. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Germany manages to finally arrive in the 21st century tomorrow and that the first marriages can happen in November. Cheers Debby

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      1. Megan says:

        I love all pudding, skin or not. I think I have bookmarked at least twenty recipes for chocolate pudding by various celebrity chefs like Donna Hay and Nigella, yet I still turn to Dr. Oekter instead of making it from scratch. I don’t know if Freud is easier to read in German than in translation, but I had such a hard time getting through his works in university. This book really would have helped. Not sure the general mood in Germany about SDP, but I have a Spiegel app on my phone, and nearly everyday the header pic will show a sad image of Schultz looking like Grumpy cat. By now I’m really starting to feel bad for him 😉 Good night! – m.

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      2. Debra says:

        What can I say, Dr. Oetker knows pudding! So there is no shame in cooking pudding like this. My colleagues don’t understand when I tell them that custard is not the same as pudding. For them pudding just means dessert and I get it but when I try to convince them of the importance of pudding powder for certain baking recipes they just don’t get it. It is not the same people! I actually shipped tons of pudding powder to the UK the last time I was in good ole Germanyland. The only other place for me to get the basics is the Polish shop in Edinburgh. There are smaller ones here but the one in Leith is the best. I will go there to get me some Kraut, Salzgurken, Muckefuck and more pudding powder. I am dying to bake a Donauwelle, my favourite cake in the world, and I always struggle to find the right ingredients, will keep my eyes open when I go to the Polish shop in 1,5 weeks. So excited!
        I don’t know how many times I had to read “Das Unheimliche” and Jenseits des Lustprinzips at uni, luckily not his Traumdeutungen. I think the other two are ok to read, although the former reopened a trauma from my early high school years. Have you ever read Der Sandmann by ETA Hoffmann? I f****** hate it and Freud uses it in his writing.

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      3. Megan says:

        Totally agree that pudding and custard are not the same thing. Bird’s Custard powder is on sale in Canada, but it’s quite different from Dr. Oetkers. Last time I came home from Germany I had a suitcase full of pudding powder/ sahnesteif/ marzipan / Milka chocolates. It exceeded the weight limit by 4 kg but the airline dude was kind enough to let me pass because I told him I don’t want to live without pudding. Love Donauwelle cake! Takes forever to make, but the end result is so worth it. I can’t get proper sour cherries though, and have to make do with these awful glace cherries that look like they’ve been stuffed with food colouring. I just read the Sandmann and it’s such a freaky story. The only Freud I’ve read in the original is Das Unbehagen in der Kultur. My German is too crap for any of his advanced stuff unfortunately. I remember when our grade-eleven English class got introduced to Freud, everyone started writing these innuendo-filled essays interpreting every metaphor/allusion as a sexual reference (Emily Dickinson’s snake poem got a lot of attention). Glad the equal-marriage bill passed today smoothly! Have a happy weekend! -m.

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      4. Debra says:

        Hate those cherries – they look and feel gross. Aaaaah. Schattenmorellen – that’s the real deal! Yeah, great about the bill. My bestie immediately texted me that we can now get married and adopt 5 children and that I should ditch my hubby now. Filed for divorce ASAP. No, jokes aside, it is worth an Amazeballs!
        Have a nice weekend too.

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    1. Debra says:

      Thanks for reading.


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