Ohrwurm of the Week

I had a hard time getting out of bed yesterday morning, which was probably due to the Cetirizin pill I took for my allergies. I try not to use it as often and my allergies are more or less under control but with all the grass cutting around the estate I simply couldn’t stop sneezing. But my slightly comatose state didn’t last long as my dogs started to get very agitate around 8am and especially S., my new pooch, kept jumping in and out of bed, running downstairs and back up again. So I crawled out of bed and went downstairs to go to have my morning comfort break and to get some breakfast.

Here, I found the reason for my dogs’ awkward behaviour: a bird got caught in my house. Dunno if I mentioned it before but we had very nice weather over the weekend and I always have a few windows open to get some air in. So, it turned out birdy got in through the bathroom window and must have spent some time there – panicked – as my bathtub was covered in birdy poo. Needless to say that I rescued birdy and cleaned my bathroom at some point during the day. Ever since the birdy accident I have one of the most beautiful German folksongs stuck in my head: Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär (If I Were a Little Bird).

Sorry, I had to stop writing for a second as my Collie girl N, woke up from her sleep replying to the shepherd’s dog’s howling. It was the cutest sound ever and I had to give her a kiss (her form of communication very much sounds like Chewbacca and S. looks like a tiny Ewok).

So, lets get back to Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär. The currently known and sung version (well sung by weirdos like my sister and me – and no we do not listen to Schlager or go to Schützenfest – we simply like proper German traditionals, esp from the 18th and 19th century) was written by Johann Gottfried Herder. Herder is one of the most famous and most influential writers of the German Enlightenment and Sturm und Drang. Enough of the history lesson, here are the lyrics in both German and English (I cannot account for the accuracy of the latter, I googled it and need to get going):

Wenn ich ein Vöglein Wär

1. Strophe
Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär
und auch zwei Flüglein hätt,
flög ich zu dir,
weil’s aber nicht kann sein,
bleib ich allhier.

2. Strophe
Bin ich gleich weit von dir,
bin ich doch im Schlaf bei dir
und red mit dir.
Wenn ich erwachen tu,
bin ich allein.

3. Strophe
Es vergeht kein Stund in der Nacht,
da nicht mein Herz erwacht
und an dich denkt,
dass du mir tausendmal
dein Herz geschenkt.

If I Were a Little Bird

If I were a little bird
And had two little wings,
I’d fly to you.
But since it can’t be
But since it can’t be,
I remain here.

I’m just as far from you,
But, I’m in a dream with you,
And talk with you.
When I do wake up,
When I do wake up,
I am alone.

There is not an hour in the night,
That my heart doesn’t wake up
And think of you,
That more than a thousand times,
That more than a thousand times,
You give me your heart.

I finally follow with a video of a very cool version of the song from one of my favourite movies of all time: Bandits. I highly recommend you watch this movie – it is full of great music performances. I think you can guess by the title what the movie is about but I am going to tell you anyways. Bandits is a 90ies German classic about 4 incarcerated women who form a rock band in prison and escape after one of their concerts. Witty, dramatic and as mentioned before full of great music.




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  1. Megan says:

    Beautiful song! Congrats on the new pooch 🙂 What type of dog is S? I had a problem last spring where a bird kept banging his head on my glass balcony door. I think he had mistaken his reflection for another male. Had to plaster newspaper all over the door to prevent further vogel-verletzendes Verhalten. Cheers, -m.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Debra says:

      well new in the sense of 2 months ago. s stands for straßenköter or senfhund, a version of the latter is her actual name. the build and colouring is definitely staffie, the rest is probably border terrier but who knows with a pound dog. she is a cute wee weirdo. yeah, windows and birdies is not a good combination. i once drove a dove zum tiernotarzt after it crash landed on a pony’s butt. poor thing – was probably put down as it was just another ratte der lüfte.


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