Things to do when you’re in a funk

Being in a funk seems to be the topic of the week for me. Not only am I seriously stuck in a rut which I try to find a way out of  but my “bestest” friend L. is having a hard time at the moment, too. Poor thing add to this turning 30 and you’re heading for a major funk. If you are anything like me, then there are 2 things you can try to fight this funky devil:

a) Do, read or watch something very uplifting. Something that makes you all happy inside and lifts up your spirit.


b) (and this is honestly my prefered approach or a combination of both) Find something to read, watch or listen to that makes you cry like a baby. A good cathartic sob!

Let me start with suggestions for the latter.

Watch Forest Gump!

They don’t make movies like this anymore! Movies that have simply everything in it: history, great music, wit and humour and lots of heartbreak. Mix in the simpleness and the innocence of Forest and you are in for a treat.


Other great movies for a funk are Dead Poets Society, The Secret Life of Words, Now and Then and Stand by Me. Of course, there are many more and these aren’t all as great and all-encompassing as Forest Gump but they nevertheless make you sob and/or sigh. They all create a feeling of nostalgia, a Sehnsucht.

Read The Brothers Lionheart!

This book makes you weep at the beginning and at the end. Nangijala has been my ideal of an afterlife, my idea of heaven ever since I first read this book (well, to be honest ever since it had been read to me as a child).


You can almost read any of Lindgren’s fairy-tales if you’re needing a sob but Most Beloved Sister is one of the most effective ones. I have to confess that most children’s books make me weep: Winnie the Pooh, Momo, The Chronicles of Prydain and many more. *Sigh* the innocence of youth!

Listen to a Sad Song!

There is nothing quite like lying on your bed in the dark or when it is grey and raining outside and you are listening to heart-touching music. Even better when it comes from an old record player (mine is still at my dad’s 😦 ). 2 of my favourite songs to cry to are


I love the original by Antony and the Johnson but I love Clare Maguire’s voice so much.

So, here are my suggestions for finding or doing something that lifts you up:

Watch Donna Hay or Jamie Oliver Videos!

I love food and I love cooking. Jamie’s older tv shows or his Jamie At Home show are fantastic. Donna Hay’s Fast, Fresh and Simple or Basics to Brilliance make me all fluffy inside. The coast and the Australian sun make her baking and cooking even better.


If you are not into cooking but gardening is your thing, I can highly recommend BBC Scotland’s Beechgrove Garden.

Enjoy Nature!

There is nothing I need to say about this, do I?


See something new!

Go for a day-trip. Visit a new museum, go to the movies or try a new restaurant/cafe. As I mentioned, I went to Glasgow’s Kelvingrove recently and I absolutely fell in love with it. I will take my friend there in July and I cannot wait to see her fall in love with it,too.


Cuddle your pet or go for a ride!

If I need an instant pick-me-up, I just lay down on the floor and wait for my doggies to start waltzing all over me. Especially, the new one is so keen on washing my face that my attempts to fend her off lead to a playing session with my pups.

When I say go for a ride, I obviously mean horseback riding but that might not be for everyone. For me, however, there is nothing more uplifting than galloping over a plain or a plateau. We did exactly that on Friday evening and the speed and the wind in my hair made me very happy.

With the exception of 2 all pics are stolen and Google is my accomplice.

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