Grateful Thursday 27.04.2017

I am grateful for… being spoilt!

Before you start complaining that this is a quality I should neither promote nor be grateful for, I have to say there is spoilt and there is spoilt.

Yes, I have a job. Yes, I have spent my entire adult life in employment, most of it having more than one job. Last summer I actually had 3. Still, I know that I am one heck of a spoilt brat.

When I say that I am grateful for being spoilt, I actually mean that I am grateful for having a dad who let me study whatever I fancied and still lets me although I should have finished a long time ago. A dad who never pushed me too much. Who let me run of to another country and still pays for my uni as he only wants the best for me and knows that the reason I haven’t finished yet is grieve and not stupidity or lack of talent.

I am grateful for having a hubby who – crumpy as he might be – lets me work as much or as little as I want and not because he thinks he has to bring home the bacon but because he understands that I am a certified nutcase who has to do things differently. Who gladly works overtime so that I can keep pretending to finish my uni, be a good mum to our pups and so that I have the time to work on my novel whether it will ever be finished or not. He would also gladly be a full-time dad to either pups or kids if I had a job that meant that much to me that I could not be a stay-at-home-mum. Have I mentioned that he also bought me 2 horses?

I am grateful for my family and friends who say that I am enough and good just the way I am when I think that I am a lazy piece of crap. Who tell me that I am smart, talented and beautiful.

If you now say that I am indeed not spoilt but simply have what everybody should have, think again. How many people do you know that agree with you and do you really think that everybody should be that spoilt or doesn’t a wee voice inside you think that I should get my act together and my ass of my chair? How many people in their 30s (here, I admit it although I should mentioned I haven’t been in my 30s for more than 1/2 year) do you know that can afford this way of life because they have a family backing them up? And let me tell you, my family is anything but rich. Middle-class with a tendency to lower middle-class is my background.

I think that this is not normal and I do, unfortunately, take it for granted too often. I am spoilt and I am very grateful for it. I was blessed with a family that supports my penchant for non-conformity, endures my sharp tongue, egotism and bouts of insanity. This is what I am grateful for today and always.

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  1. Megan says:

    Hi Debra, love your posts! They are so honest and funny. I am very grateful for my family for letting me indulge in random whims and bouts of madness as well. My dad has long resigned to taking a “que sera sera” approach with me 😉


    1. Debra says:

      Thank you. Appreciate it. My family is honestly anything but perfect and like anyone else I complain about them, blame them etc etc but I do know that I have so much more than a lot of other people and that I am blessed calling these weirdos my kin.

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