Grateful Thursday 20.04.2017

Have you heard people telling you to be more grateful, to realise that life is not all bad and that you should become a more positive person. Well, I hear this remark all the time and I know that I tend to be more on the pessimistic, grumpy side. This is why I decided to have one day of the week when I have to come up with a short blog entry on something I am grateful for.

You might think why the hell did she choose Thursday. The honest answer is because I came up with the idea last night in bed and today is Thursday. The more poetic answer would be to say Thursdays is an underappreciated day of the week as it is neither really mid nor end of the week and I thought I give Thursday a purpose. A meaning to its existence. Pick whatever explanation you like. We’ll see if I stick to it or not.

I am grateful for … Snoring and Kicking

Yes, you heard right. I am grateful for snoring and kicking bed fellows. Like anybody else who has problems falling asleep, to me too, a snoring and/or kicking other is my worst nightmare. Usually, it is my hubby who snores and I am anything but kind to him when it reaches a certain level of noise pollution (that’s when I usually start hitting him).

Yesterday specifically but even the night before, the fact that I was jammed in between 2 snoring and kicking dogs made me very happy. I had hardly enough room to breathe but I couldn’t stop grinning and had to fight the urge to giggle because I thought my pups’ snoring concert was simply too cute to be true. Somehow it became even cuter when my hubby joined in.

So, there we are. Me putting a positive spin on what is usually one of the most annoying things in the world. Snoring and kicking “people” keeping you from falling asleep.

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  1. Megan says:

    Hi Debra, fantastic observations. Thanks for the morning laugh! That impromptu snore symphony sounds so adorable. I am trying to be more positive as well, but sometimes I just can’t help the snark 😉 Happy Thursday!

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  2. dorothyadele says:

    Thanks for the follow!


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