Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Spring

Er ist’s by Eduard Mörike (1828)
Frühling lässt sein blaues Band
Wieder flattern durch die Lüfte;
Süße, wohlbekannte Düfte
Streifen ahnungsvoll das Land.
Veilchen träumen schon,
Wollen balde kommen.
—  Horch, von fern ein leiser Harfenton!
Frühling, ja du bist’s!
Dich hab’ ich vernommen!
It’s Him (English Translation)
Spring has its blue ribbon
Fluttering through the winds
Sweet, well-known scents
Touch lightly and forbodingly the country.
The violets are already dreaming
Willing to come soon.
– Listen, the faint sound of a harp from afar!
Spring, yes it’s you!
It’s you I heard!
Sping has finally come to Scotland. It’s him – I heard him. I felt it and I can smell the spring. I am always amazed how grateful I am when spring returns. How I crave the sun, the warmth. How hope and joy return. How I feel the energy flowing through me. I have been enjoying the simple pleasures of spring these past few days.
– I enjoyed stepping out of the door at 6am in the morning still in my PJs letting my doggy go to the loo and not fearing instant death of hypothermia. It was mild and I could smell the flowers and trees come to life.
– I think it is adorable that my Border who is already 100% pure energy somehow manages to be 250% energy just because it’s spring.
– I even enjoy the fact that my horses are shedding their wintercoat although it means that I have horse hair stuck on my clothes & skin, everywhere even on my panties (who knows how they get there but horse owners know they do). No matter how cute my horses look in their fluffy wintercoat – I just love how graceful they look with shorter fur. Especially my mare as she looks more Arab in the summer as opposed to more Exmoor in the winter.
– I love waking up to birds singing and I just saw geese heading north. Flying in their V-shaped structure accompanied by their loud cry – happy to return.
– I love switching off the heater and not wearing 200 thick layers of clothes – still freezing to death. Being able to have the windows open – letting all that fresh sweet-smelling air in is simply sublime.
– There’s nothing better than sitting on a stone, face in the sun. My pale skin slowly turning freckled.
I wish you all an amazing spring Sunday!

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