Hello world!

The reason for starting this blog is my need for a creative outlet. Unfortunately, I have neither an artistic nor a musical bone in my body, all I was ever rather good at is reading, analysing and history. With the occasional good photo.

Despite my lack of talent, I’ve always felt like I need to find a way to free what’s in my head and create something out of it. Why not just write a journal – believe me I’ve tried but because it is “just for me” I cannot commit to it. So, here’s my blog, with this rather generic title “Nature-Literature-Culture-Journal” and although I know I will need sometime before it is filled with interesting contents and before it has a pleasing to the eye design, I hope it eventually will.

Before I start off with any actual blog entry, I will give you a brief overview of what to expect:

Nature – I’ve recently moved to the Scottish countryside in order to live a lifestyle that is closer to nature and not shaped by urban society and the constant pressure and rush it entails. Hopefully, come spring I will be able to share some of my experiences and tips on gardening, especially permaculture as I have been dying to try this out.

Literature – I’ve studied literature and love to read, which is why I want to discuss books, essays or poems I read with you. Tell you what I liked and what inspires me.

Culture – Scotland like the rest of Europe is rich in culture and history. Scottish culture is both fascinating and enlightening. There aren’t so many places in the world where just by looking at the breathtaking and humbling landscape you can connect to former generations, their history, pride and struggle.

But before you say “Och, just another blog on Scotland – this is nothing for me”, I have to assure you that I don’t just discuss Scotland but especially my literature entries will include many American authors (especially from the 19th centure) as well as many other European authors.

As it is the middle of winter, many of my first entries will be on literature. Let us hope that the weather isn’t always as horrible as right now (raining cats and dogs – and no, this isn’t the only weather you have in Scotland, you can actually have every kind of weather or every season within one day), so that I can take some nice pictures while hiking and share them with you.

So, let’s get started…

Picture: This picture of a thistle is mine. Taken in 2009. Please link back when used elsewhere. Header picture is mine as well.

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